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Panera Launches New ‘Clean’ Beverage Line, Will Post Calorie And Sugar Info At Soda Fountains

Panera announced plans today to extend its “clean” food philosophy to its self-serve beverages… sort of. The chain will post calorie and added sugars information on all of its drinks, including soda fountains, perhaps encouraging customers to try a new line of iced teas and lemonades that will launch next week instead. [More]

Mike Mozart

Soda Makers Advertise New And Exciting Ingredient: Sugar

Late last year, Pepsi prepared to introduce a new beverage, the old-timey and upscale 1893, or as its trademark application called it, “1893 From the Makers of Pepsi-Cola.” It’s just one of many products taking advantage of a strange trend in soft drinks right now: making products with real sugar is a selling point, something that the industry might not have expected just a few years ago. [More]

(Mike Mozart)

Panera Also Serves Up Real Pumpkin In Its Lattes, Keeps Fructose-Laden Soft Drinks

Yesterday, the news broke from Starbucks’ global flavored-espresso-beverage headquarters that the coffee chain would be changing its recipe for the classic pumpkin spice latte, and the world was filled with joy or something. But bakery-cafe Panera was feeling left out: they’ve offered a pumpkin spice latte for almost as long as Starbucks, and their version has always included a small amount of real pumpkin. [More]