Never Mind, You Don’t Need An Appointment To Try On An Apple Watch

Four months after the release of the Apple Watch, it will be a lot easier to impulsively try one on if that’s what you feel like doing. You still get the full fancy try-on experience at Apple Stores, but without having to make an appointment in advance just to slap on a wrist computer and stare at it.

Requiring appointments also meant collecting some basic personal information about people trying on the watch, which Apple will also do away with. This matches the populist spirit of expanding the Apple Watch product line to Best Buy stores, where even more people might try them on without appointments.

If all of the watch try-on areas are occupied, of course, then people will have to schedule appointments or simply wait. We’re guessing this won’t be much of a problem in most stores.

Officially, customers had to register for an appointment with their Apple ID. That’s no longer required, though aspiring watch-wearers can provide their Apple ID if they have one. This will let Apple keep track of which watches they tried on for future reference and for marketing purposes, which is not at all creepy.

Apple Stores speed up Apple Watch try-on process, drop appointment requirement [9to5 Mac]

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