Arby’s Plays Along, Sees Jon Stewart Off Into The Meat-Hued Sunset

bowelsFor some reason that has never fully been explained, Arby’s has long been the favorite punching brisket of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, appearing as the fake sponsor of many segments. They didn’t pay for these on-air segments, and some brands might have tried to pay the network not to mention their name on-air. Arby’s, however, has learned the publicity value of playing along.

Their Meat Mountain sandwich, for example, was never supposed to be an actual item served to customers, because Arby’s presumably cares about its customers’ health and well-being. However, customers asked, and Arby’s obliged, turning the sandwich into an off-menu item and a viral Internet phenomenon.

The company was also on its social media game when musician Pharrell williams showed up at the Grammy awards wearing a tall brown hat similar to the one in its logo. They played along all the way to eBay, where the hat sold for $44,000 in a fundraiser for Williams’ education nonprofit.

Arby’s has played along with the Daily Show gag, finally buying ad time during Stewart’s last week as host to thank him for… well, they weren’t quite sure, but they paid Viacom cash money to show clips of Jon Stewart claiming that their products cause untold digestive distress. Thanks for playing along, Arby’s.

Arby’s to Jon Stewart: Thank You for Being a Friend [YouTube]

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