Amazon Echo Is Coming To Staples, But Not One Near You – Only Online

amazonechoSo who will be the first retailer to offer Amazon’s high-tech, sort-of assistant speaker? None other than the e-tailer’s office supply rival Staples.

The Verge reports that Amazon struck a deal to sell its web-connected home entertainment speaker (also known as Siri in a box) through Staples, but not actually in stores.

While it’s not uncommon for tech companies to sell their products and devices through third parties after a period of time, Amazon’s choice to only have the Echo sold online through Staples is a bit of a head-scratcher.

That’s because the company made Echo available to all customers back in June. Prior to that, only Prime members who placed their names on a waiting list received invitations from the company to buy the speaker.

Even then, customers who received invites had a hard time actually acquiring Echo, as wait times for shipping spanned weeks to months.

The Verge suggests that since the instant gratification of going to a store and taking Echo home in one swoop isn’t possible, the only other reason it makes sense to purchase through the office supply store is if you’re a rewards member.

Although, it’s not clear if being a member will actually get you a discount on the $179.99 speaker.

Staples is now selling the Amazon Echo, but not in stores [The Verge]

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