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Byron Chin

Lenovo Says It’s Talked With Amazon About Bringing Alexa To PCs

We’ve gotten used to Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa adding new capabilities to her repertoire, like buying Prime-eligible products, paying credit card bills, ordering pizza, and then leading workouts to exercise off said pizza, but thus far she’s done it all from within the Amazon’s line of devices like the Echo and Echo Dot. That might be changing. [More]

Target Will Be The Second Outside Retailer To Sell Apple Watch

Target Will Be The Second Outside Retailer To Sell Apple Watch

Apple is spreading around where consumers can buy its Apple Watch, adding Target as the second retailer aside from the brand’s mothership to offer the gadget. Best Buy was the first retailer Apple allowed to sell its newest gadgets, which went on sale in June. [More]

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Uber To Start Testing Carpooling Service In NYC This Week

Remember that awkward feeling of being in the verysame car as John Blohn, the guy everyone had a crush on in seventh grade, but knowing that you’re only carpool acquaintances, and not real friends, as he may have not so nicely reminded you at the last Big Dance when you cornered him near the bleachers? New Yorkers will soon be able to recreate that feeling with strangers as Uber starts testing its carpool service in the city this week. Just great. [More]