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Our Nightmare Is Over: Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip Frosting Is Back In Stores

If you’re a food company and there’s a Facebook group where more than 16,000 people ask you to bring back a discontinued product, you should probably pay attention. Betty Crocker’s rainbow chip frosting disappeared from stores last year, and we heard from heartbroken and chip-less readers. Now the frosting is back on store shelves, and they have been vindicated. [More]

Real Person Or Marketing Dept. Creation — Can You Tell The Difference?

Real Person Or Marketing Dept. Creation — Can You Tell The Difference?

Take a look in your kitchen cabinets or the shelves of any supermarket and you’ll find seemingly countless products branded with names that sound like they’re based on the name of an actual human being — and many are. But a number of those boxes, cans, and bottles carry names cooked up by the folks in the marketing department. Do you think you’re savvy enough to tell them apart? [More]


Fictional Character Betty Crocker Provides Real Cakes For Minnesota’s First Gay Weddings

People worldwide continue to disagree vehemently on the subject of civil marriage for same-sex couples, but everyone can agree that free cake is a nice thing. The first legally binding gay marriages in Minnesota will happen after midnight on August 1st, and three lucky couples will have free wedding cakes courtesy of Minnesota-based General Mills. [More]