Police Arrest Man On Suspicion Of Knocking Over Girls’ Lemonade Stand, Stealing $30

As any ambitious kid (or former kid) who’s tried to bring in a big haul from running a sidewalk lemonade stand knows, it isn’t easy to make a lot of money from selling drinks for a nickel (or $1, whatever a cup of lemonade goes for these days). Two young entrepreneurial spirits faced an even tougher situation for their fledgling business, after police say a guy overturned their lemonade stand and made off with all their profits.

An 18-year-old California man was arrested on suspicion of knocking over two teens’ lemonade stand, both literally and figuratively, reports the L.A. Times.

The man walked up to the stand on Wednesday afternoon and even though he said he didn’t have any money, the two 13-year-olds girls gave him some lemonade, the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department says.

Authorities said he walked away for a moment before coming back and overturning the stand, grabbing the cash box filled with about $30 and running off with it. One of the girls’ brothers took off after him and confronted him, but returned with only the empty money box.

A sheriff’s deputy caught up with him about 10 minutes later and arrested him on suspicion of strong-arm robbery, officials said.

Man accused of toppling girls’ lemonade stand and fleeing with $30 [Los Angeles Times]

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