Police Arrest Man On Suspicion Of Knocking Over Girls’ Lemonade Stand, Stealing $30

As any ambitious kid (or former kid) who’s tried to bring in a big haul from running a sidewalk lemonade stand knows, it isn’t easy to make a lot of money from selling drinks for a nickel (or $1, whatever a cup of lemonade goes for these days). Two young entrepreneurial spirits faced an even tougher situation for their fledgling business, after police say a guy overturned their lemonade stand and made off with all their profits. [More]

(California Highway Patrol)

Drivers Probably Considered Making Lemonade After Truck Spills Hundreds Of Lemons On Highway

When life spills lemons, do you refuse to cry and try to make lemonade? Or is that too much of a metaphorical mashup? At least a few sour tears were likely shed at the annoyance of a traffic snarl in California, when a truck carrying a load of citrus accidentally dumped hundreds of lemons across the highway. [More]


Jury: No Damages For Allegedly Rat-Infested Lemonade

How does a dead, decomposing rat end up in a can of frozen lemonade? It doesn’t, argued Coca-Cola, parent company of Minute Maid, defending itself in a civil lawsuit in New Hampshire this week. A woman claimed that the frozen lemonade she bought for a party contained a rat with a side helping of maggots, and the experience has left her unable to buy frozen food. [More]

MGD 64 Lemonade Dies An Early Death

MGD 64 Lemonade Dies An Early Death

Earlier this year, the MillerCoors marketing machine decided that people really wanted a lemonade version of its successful MGD 64 low-calorie beer. Alas, there must have been a mistake in the algorithm and after only a few months on shelves, the beverage is no more. [More]

UPDATE: Officials Say Little Kids Don't Need Health Dept.
License To Run Lemonade Stand

UPDATE: Officials Say Little Kids Don't Need Health Dept. License To Run Lemonade Stand

Earlier today, we brought you the tale of a girl in Oregon whose lemonade stand was shut down by health inspectors for lack of proper permits. Realizing the error of their ways, county officials have now issued an apology, meaning the little girl’s horribly unsafe lemonade can be unleashed upon the world once more. [More]