Now Your Kid Can Enjoy A Disney-Licensed MP3 Player That’s Older Than She Is

The first film in the live-action Disney franchise High School Musical was released in 2006. Like all Disney properties, it came with a significant amount of licensed merchandise, since that’s how Disney keeps Mickey Mouse in cheddar. So this movie-branded MP3/WMA player found on a shelf at Walmart wouldn’t really have attracted our attention…if it were still 2007.


The first Disney Mix Stick came out in 2005, it turns out, and they came in varieties featuring popular Disney and Pixar properties from about 2005 to 2010. One appealing feature is that you can both connect the device to a computer and fill it with music, or plug in officially-licensed albums of Disney songs and eliminate the need for substantive hard drive space or a computer to connect it to.

The problem isn’t that this device exists –– there are probably plenty of kids who enjoy this movie, and the player remains usable. The problem is that like most treasures that the Raiders of the Lost Walmart find, it’s priced too high and has been on the shelf too long. How long? Well, here’s a close-up of the price tag. Yes, it’s been languishing in the clearance section since February 2014.


Also, like another 9-year-old Walmart media player we’ve seen recently, it has an anti-theft device on it, meant to keep people from walking off with this clearly hot item.

The point of clearance sales is to clear merchandise from the store. There’s probably a kid out there who would love this mp3 player, but not when they can get the same one on Amazon for at least $25 less.

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