Police: Taco Bell Customer Upset Over Lack Of WiFi Dumped Water On Teens, Then Pulled A Knife

(via Fox 23)

(via Fox 23)

Having iffy WiFi service when you want to be online is surely a frustrating experience. But police say one Taco Bell customer went too far, taking out her anger at the restaurant’s lack of an Internet connection on a group of teens.

Police in Oklahoma say it appears that the woman was initially upset that the Taco Bell’s WiFi wasn’t working, and had complained to the staff about it, reports Fox 23.

The matter didn’t end there, as she next allegedly dumped a cup of water on some teenage boys in the Taco Bell. It’s unclear if there was any previous interaction between the two parties, or if she was just so mad she wanted to let off some steam.

According to police, she then waited outside the restaurant for the boys to leave, and pulled a four-inch knife on them when they did.

The police chief says she confronted them, saying something along the lines of, “If you want some of me, come on.”

Despite that alleged invitation to violence, the woman left the scene without stabbing anyone, and the teens called the police. Law enforcement posted photos of the suspect on Facebook to enlist the aid of the community, and were rewarded with a name. They subsequently arrested the woman, with the knife in question reportedly stuffed in her sock, and booked her on one charge of assault with a dangerous weapon.

Woman pulls knife on teenagers outside Tahlequah Taco Bell [Fox 23]

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