Ranch Lovers Rejoice: There’s Now A Restaurant Devoted To The Creamy Condiment

Saying Americans love ranch dressing is like saying humans need oxygen to live. I mean, we’re dumping that creamy condiment on everything. To see how far the obsession with the sauce has come, one only needs to look at a new restaurant opening in St. Louis.

Soon-to-open Twisted Ranch takes our fixation with ranch dressing to another level by showcasing 18 different varieties of the dip on their menu, Feast Magazine reports.

The restaurant is the result of the co-owners’ desire to open a new eatery and share their affinity for ranch dressing.

Nearly every item on the menu incorporates the condiment –– well, except the desserts –– thanks to the owners’ recently developed dry ranch mix.

The new seasoning can be found in everything from the panko bread crumbs used in toasted ravioli to the pan-seared boneless pork chops to the crust of the flatbread pizzas, Feast Magazine reports.

“We’re trying to break away from the stigma of ranch dressing, in that people hear the words and think Hidden Valley,” one of the owners says.

As for the restaurant’s 18 varieties of ranch, there’s a flavor for just about everyone’s tastes including garlic, buffalo, smoked paprika, Tzatziki, chipotle and Thai.

Twisted Ranch, St. Louis’ First Dedicated Ranch Dressing Restaurant, Opens Next Week [Feast Magazine]

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