Pizza Hut Officially Announces Pizza Surrounded By Pigs In Blankets

hotdogpizzaOver the last eight years and in multiple countries, Pizza Hut has been carefully developing their “hot dog stuffed in a pizza crust” concept. An early version stuffed only the ends of a regular-length hot dog inside the crust, creating a pretty flower shape. Then the frankfurters lay horizontally along the crust, like the ropes of cheese. Now the crust has finally come to America, as the Hut hinted earlier this week.

Its official name is the Hot Dog Bites Pizza. You wouldn’t think that it would take this much effort to develop such a concept, but that’s why they run the multinational pizza empire, and we run the consumer advocacy blog. So we won’t question Pizza Hut’s decision to create a pizza surrounded by what are effectively 28 pigs in blankets. The pizza will cost $11.99, and will be available starting on June 18.

Here’s the earliest version of this pizza, the blossom-like layout sold in South Korea:


This final version is most similar to the one available last fall in Luxembourg, which also included short sausages wrapped in dough. Apparently, that was the most perfect hot dog pizza creation, and Pizza Hut brought the crust home once they made the best version.


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