Taco Bell Confirms It’s Testing Delivery Near College Campuses Because Obviously

When the folks at Taco Bell sat down to think about where they could find a population likely to want fast food Mexican fare delivered to their doorsteps, they likely didn’t have to work that one out for very long. After earlier reports that the chain might be testing delivery, Taco Bell confirms it’s trying things out in certain likely areas, namely college campuses.

With dorm room upon dorm room and crappy apartment/house upon crappy apartment/house potentially sheltering hungry, young people who stay up late, places of higher learning seem to be a natural fit for Taco Bell. Heck, we had Taco Bell delivery in college but it was bribing that guy down the hall with beer so he’d run over at 4 a.m. and get everyone food.

Speaking during a conference this week, Yum! Brands CEO Greg Creed noted that it’s not all-day delivery everywhere, reports The Street.

Instead, he said, “we are getting into tests, like near college campuses.” You know, go where the mouths are.

The challenge here of course, will be getting Taco Bell’s food from the restaurant to customers with significant breakdown in flavor and texture. Because as anyone who’s eaten cold Taco Bell knows, it’s best to get the job done while hot.

Delivery might be the name of the game over at Yum! these days as Creed didn’t discourage the idea of KFC doing delivery one day too.

“Temperatures for buckets of chicken hold up very well,” he said, adding, “I am very excited about delivery.”

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