Why Doesn’t Taco Bell Do Its Own Delivery?

Image courtesy of JeepersMedia

If you want Taco Bell but don’t want to go to Taco Bell, there are third-party delivery services that will take your order, but those can be costly and slow. Even Taco Bell says these options aren’t fast enough, so why isn’t the company doing its own delivery? CEO Brian Niccol says it might… eventually.

In an interview with Business Insider, Niccol says Taco Bell hasn’t figured out how to handle delivery the correct way yet.

“The third-party folks, the aggregators — they’re just not fast enough,” he says.

Of course, Taco Bell could take control over the entire thing and start an in-house service today. But Niccol say it would likely result in just “OK” food.

“OK usually ends up in a slow death. You buy a shirt, and you’re like, eh, it’s OK,” he tells BI. “But slowly and surely it moves to the back of your closet with the tag still on it. And it never makes it out of the closet because you’re like, eh, it’s OK.”

We would advise against putting any perishable food — Taco Bell or not — in the back of your closet. Because that’s how you get ants.

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