We’re Finally Getting A Bacon Emoji, 37 Others In Update Next Year

On the list. Avocado is pretty delicious, too.

On the list. Avocado is pretty delicious, too.

The good news is, we’re getting a bacon emoji, allowing current and future generations to adequately express their pork-related emotions. The bad news? You’ll have to wait about a year for it to happen.

Bacon and 37 of its illustrated brethren will join the emoji family in June 2016, after the Unicode Consortium’s approval goes through.

The group’s emoji subcommittee, otherwise known as the people who hold your carefully crafted emoji communications in the palms of their hands, released the finalizer list of additions [PDF], slated to show up in a June 2016 update of Unicode 9.0, reports Yahoo!.

Unicode 8.0 just came out a month ago, updating existing emojis with varied skin tones and adding a much-needed taco, unicorn and others. Still not hot dog, however.

Below, the full list of emojis you will have to wait a year to use:

• Face with cowboy hat
• Clown face
• Nauseated face
• Rolling on the floor laughing
• Drooling face
• Lying face
• “Call me” hand
• Selfie
• Raised back of hand
• Left-facing fist
• Right-facing fist
• Handshake
• Hand with first and index finger crossed
• Pregnant woman
• Face palm
• Shrug
• Man dancing
• Prince
• Man in tuxedo
• Mother Christmas
• Wilted flower
• Scooter
• Motor scooter
• Octagonal sign
• Clinking glasses
• Black heart
• Croissant
• Avocado
• Cucumber
• Bacon
• Potato
• Carrot
• Fox face
• Eagle
• Duck
• Bat
• Shark
• Owl

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