Amazon Echo Now Lets Prime Members Reorder Stuff With Voice Command

amazonechoForget about the Amazon Dash. The company’s web-connected speaker – you know, the one that talks? – now has the ability to do your shopping for you; as long as the item is a reorder from a pervious purchase and happens to be Prime eligible.

GeekWire reports that the e-tailer’s latest update to its Echo smart speaker enables consumers to voice purchase any item they previously bought through their Prime accounts.

Making purchases with Echo’s digital assistant seems pretty straight forward. You simply say “[Whatever the wake word is for your machine], reorder dish soap.”

Echo then searches your previous Prime eligible purchases and if a matching product is found, the assistant will either make the purchase with your default payment and shipping settings, or ask the user to confirm their confirmation code.

While the ordering done mostly based on previous orders, when an item can’t be found the speaker may offer up a similar Amazon Choice product, along with pricing details, giving you a chance to buy that item.

Here’s Amazon’s full list of Echo voice purchasing options.

If, for some reason, you (or your rowdy friends) accidentally place an order or decide you no longer need the item, simply tell your device to “cancel order.”

In the case that Echo can’t cancel the order, Prime members can visit the Your Orders section of their account to call off the purchase.

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