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Yes, Adding Gasoline And Lighter Fluid To A Birthday Cake May Increase Risk Of Setting Other Things On Fire

With the dawning of the Internet age has come an era filled with technological advances and tools that let humans talk to each other all over the world in mere seconds. And yet it has also wrought incredible stupidity, all for the sake of filming things to post on YouTube. Adding to the list of very unwise things to do for Internet fame: Adding flammable liquids to a birthday cake to make it explode — while inside the house. [More]

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Family Says Devastating House Fire Was Sparked By Refracted Rays From Nutella Jar

Sure, glass jars are pretty. But one family in London is warning others against using empty jars as decoration after rays from the sun refracted off a Nutella container in a windowsill, starting a blaze that engulfed the home and killed their beloved pet. [More]

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Family Of Two Toddlers Crushed By Fallen Dresser Sues Babies R Us Store, Furniture Maker

The family of two toddler sisters who died after a dresser fell on them is now suing the Babies R Us store where the dresser was purchased in Pennsylvania, as well as a New Jersey furniture maker. [More]