What Inappropriate Or Perfect Mother’s Day Merchandising Have You Seen This Year?

allformomStores usually mean well. They just want us to expand the definition of what we think of as an appropriate gift for Mother’s Day. Instead of the traditional flowers, jewelry, and gift cards, they want us to consider buying our mothers a tablet computer. Or clothing. Or laundry detergent. Wait, laundry detergent? Isn’t giving your mother cleaning supplies completely against the point of the holiday?

Yet here it is, as spotted by reader Joe at Kmart. The holiday-themed border is probably meant for whatever is on the other side of the shelf, but that doesn’t mean that customers can’t read. We also remember this display that appeared to feature Mother’s Day contraceptives from Big Lots a few years back.

That made us wonder: what else are retailers pushing for Mother’s Day this year? During your regular shopping this week, if you spot something explicitly marketed as a gift for mothers that’s either perfect or completely incongruous, let us know. Send your pictures to tips@consumerist.com with the subject line “MOMGIFTS,” and we’ll inflict them on the rest of the world.

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