Laundry, Newspapers, And Kink: Terrible Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Earlier this week, we asked you to send along poorly-thought-out ideas that marketers have presented as great ideas for Mother’s Day gifts. Americans plan to spend a little more on their moms this year, and marketers want a part of it.

Here’s the image that kicked this post off: a shelf of laundry detergent with a banner that says “For Mom.” What a gift! Utilitarian and insulting!


Beth spotted this ad while reading an article on USA Today’s site. Sure, it’s an okay gift, but not a traditional one.

USA today

Actually, this one almost would be a good idea for my mother, who still misses receiving a daily paper. She would prefer to read the local obituaries, though, so I’m not sure what appeal USA Today would have.

Finally, Nate spotted this promo on Best Buy’s virtual flyer:


Out of the movies featured, there’s surely something that will appeal to just about anyone, but that doesn’t mean that gifting your mother a hit erotic movie is usually appropriate. Maybe in a few families…but if you’re a member of one of those families, you know it already.

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