McDonald’s Employee Caught On Camera Knocking Out Unruly Customer

An apparent attempt to remove an unruly customer from a Michigan McDonald’s resulted in a knockout punch from an employee at the fast food chain.

The above video was shot in the early hours of the morning last week at a McDonald’s in East Lansing, MI.

The man who shot the video tells that there was a belligerent, possibly drunk customer, spit on the counter and knocked over a “Caution: Wet Floor” sign.

In the video, you can’t initially see that customer because he’s hidden in the darkness by the door, but you can see a McDonald’s employee and another man attempting to talk to him.

Then a second McDonald’s worker comes into the picture and appears to pick the man up. There looks to be some resistance from the customer and this second employee then punches him once, knocking him to the floor, and apparently rendering him unconscious.

The customer “definitely instigated it,” says the man who shot the video. “But, it got taken too far. He didn’t have to get punched, he could have got pushed out and told not to come back.”

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