Woman Who Stuffed Electronics Inside Her Skirt Returns To Same RadioShack Store, Does It Again

shop_dressLast spring, a woman wearing a full-skirted dress walked into a RadioShack store in Florida and used the garment to conceal electronics with a retail value of more than $1,100. That was no one-time crime of opportunity, it turns out: people who appear to be the same woman and her male companion were spotted on camera again at the same store, though the items this time were lower value.

This time, only about $400 worth of merchandise is missing, but the woman did change her outfit. Instead of a floral dress, this time she wore a black sleeveless one. The full skirt wouldn’t look out of place at all in any tropical area, but there’s a secret inside the skirt.

The police aren’t really sure how the garment works. “Detectives believe she has some kind of bag or pockets sewn into the inner lining of the skirt,” a police spokesperson explained to the Sun-Sentinel.

In the video footage, you can see her slip boxes inside a hidden pocket or slit in the front of her skirt. The dress was clearly made or modified for this purpose.


The couple were clearly aware that there were cameras, and that no one was monitoring them in real time. The woman looks directly into the camera at one point.

If you happen to know anything about the crime, contact Broward County Crimestoppers online or at 954-389-2010.

Same crime this year? Weston shoplifter changes her skirt, but not her technique, detectives say [Sun Sentinel] (Warning: auto-play video)

Police Seek Woman Who Stuffed $1,140 In Electronics Inside Her Skirt

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