Google Apologizes For Android Figure Urinating On Apple Logo In Google Maps



Unlike The Dude,* it would appear that every time an Android figure is pictured micturating upon an Apple logo, someone does have to be held responsible. In this case, it’s Google, which is apologizing after an image of an Android bot peeing on an Apple logo popped up in Google Maps.

The offending bit of urination showed up somewhere near Pakistan, at 33°30’52.5″N 73°03’33.2″E, near Rawalpindi, Pakistan, Cult of Android was the first to report. It’s since been removed.

Google didn’t just slap this Calvin and Hobbesesque** image in there on purpose, despite its intense rivalry with Apple, notes the Washington Post: The company uses a feature called Map Maker that users can update and help keep Google up with the times as things change. Those tweaks are supposed to be reviewed by other users and a moderation team, a system that apparently failed in this case.

“We’re sorry for this inappropriate user-created content; we’re working to remove it quickly,” a spokesperson told the Washington Post. “We also learn from these issues, and we’re constantly improving how we detect, prevent and handle bad edits,” while noting that most of the users who edit Google Maps provide “great contributions.”

*Our contribution, on the topic of micturation:

** Bootleg, unauthorized, totally fake Calvin, naturally.

Google’s sorry that this crudely offensive image of the Apple logo turned up in Maps [Washington Post]

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