Taco Bell Will Launch Limited-Time Extra-Hot Sauce Packets

(Taco Bell)

(Taco Bell)

Do you like to slather your Taco Bell meals with hot sauce, but find the chain’s standard packets insufficiently hot? Great news: super-hot sauce, which they’re calling “Diablo,” will be available from Taco Bell beginning on May 5. The not-so-great news for hot sauce fans is that the new sauce is only temporary.

This isn’t the first novel hot sauce product that we’ve heard about in recent months: Taco Bell has also reportedly been testing tortilla chips on a hot sauce theme in some markets. Those chips in “Diablo” flavor would probably be tongue-scorchingly delicious, but it seems unlikely that Taco Bell would produce any.

We don’t know how limited the availability of Diablo sauce will be, so you should probably grab handfuls of it and write a letter to the company if you don’t like it. Slathering some on a breakfast biscuit taco would certainly wake you up in the morning.

Taco Bell Launches Hottest Hot Sauce Yet: Diablo [Brand Eating]

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