AmEx, Jawbone Partnership Allows Customers To Buy Things Using Fitness Trackers

Using your phone to pay for things at the register is so 2014. With the soon-to-be released Apple Watch allowing payments to be made with a flick of the wrist, other wearable companies are jumping on the bandwagon. Case in point: a new joint venture from Jawbone and American Express.

Citing sources close to the partnership, the Wall Street Journal reports that American Express cardholders will soon be able to use their Jawbone fitness bands to make purchases at certain merchants.

While the people say the AmEx payment program won’t be part of the upcoming Jawbone UP3, it will be available on another future wearable from the company.

Similar to the current payment systems like Apple Pay, Jawbone and AmEx’s system will only be capable of making purchases at physical retail stores equipped with near-field communication technology.

The sources couldn’t provide information on whether or not Jawbone plans to extend its payment capabilities to include those processed by Visa or MasterCard.

AmEx, Jawbone Team Up to Allow Payments Via Fitness Bands [The Wall Street Journal]

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