Apple Once Again Removes The Competition, Yanks Nest Thermostats From Retail & Online Stores

As is Apple’s usual M.O. when it comes to launching products similar to those made by other companies but already being sold in its retail stores, the tech giant is cleaning house and removing the competition. In this case, it’s ditching Google’s Nest thermostat to make room for a device using its own technology. 

Mashable confirmed today that Apple has removed Google’s Nest products from its online and retail stores as it prepares to start selling web-connected home devices for the HomeKit platform.

Now occupying the space once filled by Nest — you guessed it: Ecobee 3, a thermostat that actually works with Apple’s own HomeKit.

Apple says it actually started to pull Nest from its arsenal earlier this month after nearly four years of carrying the device.

The move also comes soon after Google announced it would create its own HomeKit-like platform called Brillo, Mashable reports.

This, of course, isn’t Apple’s first time removing competing products from its lineup.

Back in March, the company began ditching other fitness and health wearables like Jawbone Up and Nike+ FuelBand to make way for the Apple Watch. The company did the same thing last October when it began removing Bose products from stores after the purchase of Beats.

Apple yanks Google’s Nest smart thermostat from website and retail stores [Mashable]

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