Coca-Cola Thinks You Might Want A “Selfie Bottle” To Take A Pic While You Guzzle Soda

Because there’s apparently a demand for selfies of people while they’re drinking soda, Coca-Cola has a new bottle design that takes a photo while you sip from it.

Coca-Cola Israel teamed up with “innovation agency” Gefen Team on the idea for its Summer Love campaign, an outdoor branding event, The Drum reports.

Here’s how the gimmick works: there’a a camera inside a plastic piece that’s fitted onto the base of the bottle. There’s a sensor in it that can tell when the bottle is at a 70-degree tilt — the point at which you’d be holding it to take a sip — prompting the camera to activate and take a photo of the consumer while they’re chugging.

You can then share the resulting selfies on social media, so all your friends will know what a fly perched on the end of soda bottle would see.

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