Some Macbook Owners Say Their Computers Are Making “Popping” Sounds

Some owners of Apple’s latest MacBook Pro offering say their costly devices came with an unwanted addition: an unusual popping sound. [More]


AMC, Dolby Hope New High-Tech Theaters Will Get You Off The Couch

Future trips to the movie theater could include better picture quality and immersive realistic sound if you live near one of 100 cinemas slated for a high-tech makeover as part of a 10-year deal between AMC Entertainment and Dolby Laboratories. [More]

Loud Restaurants Make You Eat And Drink More

Loud Restaurants Make You Eat And Drink More

It turns out that, at least for smart restaurateurs, making the dining experience ridiculously noisy is good for business: people buy more drinks per hour, and they finish eating and leave sooner. [More]