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AMC Dipping Its Toes Into Virtual Waters With Plans For New VR Centers

While virtual reality gadgets can be entertaining, the fun is usually limited to one person at a time — not counting those who enjoy watching and laughing while you creep around the living room, groping the air). In an attempt to open up virtual reality to more people with new VR multiplexes offering an “immersive” experience. [More]

Regal Can’t Stop Studios From Letting Upscale iPic Theater Show New Movies

Regal Can’t Stop Studios From Letting Upscale iPic Theater Show New Movies

If you’re a movie studio, you want as many people as possible to pay to see your films. If you’re a movie theater chain, you don’t want competing theaters to showing the same movies you’ve got, especially if that competitor has luxury features you don’t offer. But is it legal to use your leverage as the nation’s biggest theater chain to stop movie studios from licensing their films to the newer, fancier kid on the block? [More]


AMC: Just Kidding About That Whole Texting In Theaters Thing

Remember earlier this week, when new AMC Entertainment CEO Adam Aron said he was open to allowing texting during movies in some way? Yeah, that’s not gonna happen, the company announced Friday. [More]


New AMC Entertainment CEO Open To Letting People Text During Movies

In an example of the extreme lengths companies may be willing to go to in order to secure that most coveted customer, the millennial, AMC Theaters might go ahead and let people text during movies. [More]


AMC Theaters Will Be The Largest U.S. Theater Chain With $1.1B Acquisition Of Carmike Cinemas

The odds that the screen you see that new flick on is owned by AMC Theaters are about to go up, now that the chain is gobbling up fellow theater chain Carmike Cinemas in a $1.1 billion deal. [More]

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10 States Investigating Movie Theater Chains Over Antitrust Violations

You know how it’s almost impossible to ever see one of those big blockbuster films showing at the little movie theater down the street? That issue is largely the result of exclusive agreements between large theater chains and film studios that effectively prevent independent rivals from showing certain films. While these deals might be great for the bigger companies, they aren’t so awesome for consumers. And so, 10 state attorneys general are looking into whether or not the contracts used by Regal Cinemas, AMC Entertainment, and Cinemark constitute antitrust violations.  [More]

"But daddy, I just saw this movie two weeks ago when it was still in theaters..."

Paramount To Share The Wealth With Theaters If They Let Movies Go To Home Video Early

The traditional studio film won’t come out on video until at least 90 days after it’s hit theaters, even if it stopped playing on most screens after only a few weeks. But a new agreement between Paramount and two major theater chains could cut that release time in half. [More]

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AMC, Regal Theater Chains Targeted In Antitrust Inquiry

Exclusive agreements between large movie theater chains and film studios that are effectively used to prevent independent rivals from showing certain films have caught the watchful eye of the Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division, with investigators now requesting information about the increasingly popular tactic from two of the nation’s largest cinema operators, AMC Entertainment and Regal Entertainment. [More]


AMC, Dolby Hope New High-Tech Theaters Will Get You Off The Couch

Future trips to the movie theater could include better picture quality and immersive realistic sound if you live near one of 100 cinemas slated for a high-tech makeover as part of a 10-year deal between AMC Entertainment and Dolby Laboratories. [More]