Taco Bell Shoving Aside Waffle Taco In Favor Of New Biscuit Taco

chickenbiscuittacoMake no mistake — when it comes to the fight to get into your belly, it is a veritable breakfast battleground out there right now among fast food chains. The latest to fall in battle is Taco Bell’s waffle taco, which was once the flag bearer of the chain’s breakfast efforts. The company is pushing the waffle taco off its morning throne and replacing it with a biscuit taco that it tested in the fall of 2014.

Because putting the word “taco” after a string of other ingredients apparently makes something a taco, Taco Bell is shucking aside its first try at the morning meal, a press rep confirms to Consumerist, and getting rid of the waffle taco in favor of a newcomer.

The new biscuit tacos are arriving at participating locations on Thursday, featuring various meant options on a biscuit: sausage, egg and cheese; bacon, egg and cheese; crispy chicken with country gravy and crispy chicken with a new jalapeno honey sauce.

This isn’t your average coup, either — it’s a “defection” from a certain fast food breakfast competitor that isn’t mentioned by name, but one might guess rhymes with “ShhMcMoonald’s.”

Taco Bell says the move is aimed at “encouraging people to escape the same round breakfast sandwich by defecting to the next generation of breakfast at Taco Bell.”

As such, the chain is also launching an anti-Egg McMuffin campaign calling the breakfast items out as boring and meant for uncool conformists. The posters for a place called “Routine Public” have things like a demonic clown holding a McMuffin-like item with the words, “Routine Rules.” Scary much?

In the same vein as its campaign using real Ronald McDonalds professing their love for Taco Bell (which was also timed to the launch of the new breakfast menu), new TV ads will have “defectors” saying things like, “I admit I used to be a McDonald’s fan.”

Could it be that the waffle taco simply wasn’t up to snuff, despite all the ballyhoo at its launch last year? Perhaps. According to the AP, shortly after it debuted, Taco Bell Chief Marketing Officer Chris Brandt noted that “some of the things on our menu might run out of gas.”

Why not just call it the bisco? That’s a lot easier to say than biscuit taco, if you ask me.

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