L.A. Candy Store Attempting World Record For Largest Peanut Butter Cup

There are some jobs out there that make the rest of us wonder why we didn’t study something else in school, and being involved in creating huge works of delicious, record-breaking candy is one of them. A Los Angeles candy store is trying to nab the world record for largest peanut butter cup, in what I can only imagine is a delicious endeavor.

While one can only dream about filling a kiddie pool with peanut butter and chocolate in order to produce candy of ginormous proportions, works at the Candy Factory in L.A. were living that reality in their attempt to bring home the Guinness World Record for largest peanut butter cup.

According to NBC News, the candy crafters used more than 440 pounds of ingredients, which would beat the current world-record holding cup from Vermont, which weighed in at 250 pounds.

The record still needs to be verified by Guinness, but once it is, anyone can get a piece, as the peanut butter cup will be sold off in small pieces with the proceeds benefiting charity.

New Guinness World Record: a 444-pound peanut butter cup [NBC News]

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