Texas Rangers Upping Calorie Ante With Bacon-Flavored Cotton Candy, Chicken-Fried Corn On The Cob

delchickenPeanuts and Cracker Jack? Please, that is so 20th century. The new cool thing to do at baseball stadiums is apparently to concoct menu items so calorie-laden that people can’t help but notice them, if not eat them: The Texas Rangers are joining the artery-clogging pool with new creations like bacon-flavored cotton candy and chicken-fried corn on the cob.

There’s also chicken fried bacon on a stick and something called the Fried S’mOreo, which is a fried marshmallow breaded with graham crackers and fried Oreos, and drizzled with chocolate sauce and Cool Whip, reports ESPN.com.

The general manger of the Rangers’ food and beverage operations for concessionaire Delaware North says it’s all part of a new fried food stand called State Fare, as a tribute to menu items fried at the State Fair of Texas. Fried pickles, funnel cake fries and brisket macaroni-and-cheese balls will also be on the stand’s menu.

“Fried items in the past haven’t done as well as we’ve hoped, and we think that’s because there hasn’t been one location to find it,” the general manager explained. “We’ve now solved that problem.”

But wait — there’s more: Getting its own stand all to itself is that beloved ingredient bacon, aptly named Just Bacon. Candied bacon, bacon cotton candy and bacon beer are up for sale at that stand.

Strap on the feedbags, folks. Looks like you’ve got your work out cut out for you. Or fried up for you, in this case.

Rangers offer fried food stand [ESPN.com]

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