If You’ve Ever Wanted To Smell Like An Old Book, New Perfume Will Make Your Dreams Come True

In the latest entry into the somewhat puzzling “Smell Like The Thing You Love The Most” product category, an “old book” scent is joining previous odd fragrance notables Bitcoin and pizza.

Yes, yes, we know — every time you walk into a library or used bookstore, you just looooove the smell of old books. I’m right there with you, I mean I love getting nose-deep in an old copy of Crime and Punishment, but I can’t say I want to tingle the olfactory organs of friends and strangers alike with the scent.

But because there’s probably someone out there who will want to buy it, a company called Sweet Tea Apothecary (via New York Magazine) has mixed up a concoction it calls “Dead Writers” to fool your nose into thinking you’re a musty old book, just waiting to be whiffed.

At $80 for one-ounce, the unisex fragrance is an oil perfume that “evokes the feeling of sitting in an old library chair paging through yellowed copies of Hemingway, Shakespeare, Fitzgerald, Poe, and more,” the company’s site says.

More specifically, it “contains black tea, vetiver, clove, musk, vanilla, heliotrope, and tobacco.” It’s part of a fragrance lined inspired by historic figures and places — you can also smell like Marie Antoinette (pre-guillotine, probably) and Henry VIII (pre-gout/wife-executing, hopefully).

Again, love those old books. Not quite sure if I’d love smelling like one.

Now You Can Smell Like an Old Book [New York Magazine]

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