Starbucks Mobile Ordering Expands To Washington And Idaho

28a26a57e8df479eabb562ff5b35114dIf you’re dreaming of the day that you can order and pay for your Starbucks beverage with no human interaction whatsoever, you’re apparently not alone. Customers have been asking for the ability to order in advance from the mobile app for as long as Starbucks has had a mobile payment app, and the test is expanding from just one city to two states. Starbucks says that it should go national later this year.

Since December, Starbucks has been testing the service, but it has only been available to iPhone users in Portland, Oregon. A week from today, it’s expanding to corporate-owned stores, but only in Washington state and Idaho. No, Starbucks didn’t originally test the program in its home city of Seattle.

This launch has answered some of the questions that we had about the mobile ordering app a year ago when it was announced: the device will count down when your beverage is due to the minute, a handy service if you’re pressed for time. We don’t know whether you get to jump the line again if something is wrong and your beverage has to be remade. As far as dealing with other customers in line who are jealous? You’re on your own for that, too.

Mobile Order and Pay at Starbucks: Starting March 17th [Starbucks Melody]

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