Forgot Where You Crashed Your Rental Lamborghini? Police In Texas Would Like A Word

Ever have that nagging feeling like you left something somewhere, but you can’t remember what it is or where you last saw it? Someone apparently suffering a memory glitch has abandoned a rented Lamborghini after crashing it in Texas.

The yellow Italian luxury sports car — which could be worth up to $200,000 — was abandoned on the Dallas North Tollway over the weekend, reports WFAA-TV, after an accident where the driver apparently hit the wall and then abandoned the vehicle.

Nothing inside the car has lead to identifying the driver, so police called a tow truck to bring the damaged car to the police impound lot.

On Sunday night, after police spent the day searching for the owners, a luxury car rental company came forward as the owners, and said that someone else had rented it. No word on whether that customer purchased the additional insurance that covers things like ramming into a wall and running away.

Rented Lamborghini wrecked, left on Dallas North Tollway [WFAA-TV]

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