‘HBO Now’ To Cost $15, Will Launch As Apple Exclusive

gotgrabAfter months of speculation regarding price and availability, HBO has finally confirmed the important details about its standalone streaming service HBO Now. The good news is that it will cost the predicted $15/month. The not as good news is that Apple will be the exclusive device launch partner of the service when it kicks off in April.

HBO is still not giving a specific launch date for HBO Now, though it’s predicted to kick off before the April 12 season premiere of Game of Thrones.

When it launches, iOS users can subscribe to the $14.99/month offering through iTunes. There will be a 30-day free trial period for new subscribers, says the premium TV network.

Though only iOS devices — including both iPhones and iPads — will carry the service for mobile users, HBO Now will be available for streaming to your computer, so Android users will not be forced to switch phones.

The company says it is still in talks to provide HBO Now through other outlets. It has long been predicted that HBO will allow pay-TV providers — who stand to lose significant numbers of subscribers if HBO Now is successful — to bill for the service. That may still happen, but not until after launch.

“HBO NOW is the next phase of innovation at HBO,” said Richard Plepler, Chairman and CEO, HBO. “With this new partnership, a natural evolution for the network, we have access to millions of Apple customers who are used to getting their favorite apps immediately. Now, they can do the same with an HBO subscription.”

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