Police Seek Man Caught On Security Camera Stealing Security Camera

cameraguyHere’s the thing with surveillance cameras: the video that they capture usually goes somewhere. Somewhere else. We don’t know whether the men who were caught on camera removing the very camera that caught them thought that they were destroying the evidence by stealing the cameras, but removing a camera does provide a nice, up-close view of the person removing it.

This crime happened back in October, but police in Suffolk County, New York (on Long Island) just released the footage this week. The man and his accomplice drove up to the camera outside of a motel in a pickup truck pulling a landscaping trailer, then climbed up and took it.

What a nice level of detail. No wonder someone wanted to steal that camera.

If, by any chance, you happen to know anything about the men in the video or the camera theft, you can call 1-800-220-TIPS.

VIDEO: Long Island thief caught on camera stealing camera [New York Daily News]

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