Police: Thief Spent 15 Minutes Dragging Cooler Full Of Stolen Ice Cream Past Napping Gas Station Clerk

There’s being asleep on the job, and then there’s napping so hard that you apparently don’t notice someone hauling an ice cream cooler past your nose in a 15-minute effort. Police in Florida say a thief managed to drag a cooler filled with Good Humor products out of a gas station store while the clerk snoozed, taking a moment to flip the bird at the security camera.

Surveillance cameras at the gas station show a man walking up at about 4:09 a.m. and finding the clerk asleep behind the window, reports the Sun Sentinel.

The suspect opens the cooler like he’s just another customer with a sweet tooth, before eyeing the clerk carefully for a minute, then flashing his middle finger at the store camera as he realizes

Apparently unable to choose just one treat, he then sets to work for 15 minutes, pushing, pulling and otherwise hauling the cooler out of the store, ever so carefully, as to not wake up the slumbering clerk.

His efforts were rewarded at about 4:25 a.m., when he managed to get the cooler out and away, ostensibly to somewhere he could get the brain freeze of a lifetime. The The suspect was arrested only a few short hours later and charged with grand theft.

Thief steals large cooler of ice cream as store clerk sleeps [Sun Sentinel]

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