Cinnabon Reminding Everyone It’s Part Of ‘Better Call Saul’ By Handing Out Free Treats Tonight



ATTENTION: Minor spoiler alert to follow. Here’s your last chance to stop reading if you’re a fan of Better Call Saul and haven’t watched last night’s premiere yet. Ready? Last warning… Fans of Breaking Bad may remember that prophetic line uttered by squirrelly lawyer Saul Goodman toward the end of the series: “If I’m lucky in a month from now, best-case scenario, I’m managing a Cinnabon in Omaha.” Not one to turn down an opportunity for publicity, the cinnamon bun chain is now trading in on the character’s new lot in life by handing out free treats tonight.

While yours truly hasn’t seen last night’s premiere episode, in case you didn’t know, Bob Odenkirk has indeed donned a Cinnabon uniform.

To capitalize on that storyline, Cinnabon is offering up free treats tonight in advance of the series’ second episode, with the official Better Call Saul twitter account tweeting this morning:

And yes, the buns will come in Saul-themed packaging.

When Saul first mentioned Cinnabon in the “Granite State” episode of Breaking Bad, “we were as shocked as everyone else,” a Cinnabon spokeswoman told USA Today.

AMC then reached out to the company about shooting at one of their locations in Albuquerque and teaming up for a tie-in promotion, which Cinnabon got for free.

“I just wrote that scene and it sounded funny, but it never occurred to me in a million years that we’d actually show what we show at the beginning of episode 1,” Bad writer and Saul co-creator Peter Gould told USA Today. “Of course, you could always give yourself the out, like, ‘He’s just speculating; he could end up anywhere.’ But there was something so darkly delightful and so much fun about actually seeing his words realized, that we found it hard to resist.”

Odenkirk even suited up to work as a Cinnabon worker for the day, apparently, in order to lend credibility to his character’s new life.

After the Cinnabon scene in the premiere episode, Saul flashes back to his life six years before meeting Walter White, so it’s unclear at this point whether we’ll see him in uniform again. One can only hope.

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