Beware What You Share: Cops Say Facebook Posts About Inheritance Inspired Robbery

When you’re posting on social media, you never really know who out there is reading your posts, watching and waiting for the perfect time to take advantage of your willingness to share the details of your life. So if you’ve suddenly come into a bunch of money, be careful where you go talking about that exciting news.

Police in Philadelphia say that after someone got braggy on Facebook and Instagram about a jewelry inheritance, robbers decided to just head over to that person’s house and relieve them of their windfall, reports the Associated Press.

Three men in ski masks armed with pistols kicked in the door of a home around 2:30 a.m. yesterday morning and ordered the 19-year-old resident to hand over the jewelry and other valuables. Cops say the suspects mentioned they’d targeted the guy after reading his posts online about the inheritance.

Here is where we all learn a valuable lesson: Want to keep your expensive stuff? Don’t tell the world you have it, even if you think your security settings are as tight as can be. Someone could always take a screengrab and pass that information around freely.

The suspects fled through a rear window with a Rolex, two gold chains and cellphones. None of the five people in the home during the incident were hurt.

Cops: Facebook posts about inheriting jewelry led to robbery [Associated Press]

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