Couple Allegedly Steals 57 Blocks Of Cheese From Walmart, Because Who Doesn’t Want Cheese

From past experience, we know shoplifters enjoy perusing the meat department at Walmart and occasionally stuffing some items down their pants or sitting on top of them on their motorized scooter. But what’s the next best thing to take from the big box store? If you’re a couple from Tennessee, then the answer is cheese… 57 blocks of it.

WBIR-TV reports that the two 21-year-olds face theft and drug charges after police say they walked out of the retailer with hundreds of dollars worth of stolen items, including the aforementioned cheese.

According to police, security caught the couple walking out with a cart full of items they didn’t pay for.

When police searched the couple’s vehicle, they found $300 worth of cheese stuffed beneath the floorboards and in a diaper bag.

Additionally, officers say they found 10 bottles of Tide, clothing and a candle. In all, $600 worth of stolen goods were found in the car, along with marijuana.

The couple was taken to jail and a family member came to the scene to pick up their child.

Tenn. couple accused of stealing 57 blocks of cheese from Walmart [WBIR-TV]

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