Attempting To Steal Steaks From Walmart By Sitting On Them Only Leads To Your Arrest And Really Flat Steaks

We already know that meat is the product of choice for many shoplifters and that more often than not that particular kind of theft involves the meat being shoved down one’s pants. But a new development in meat-centric thefts occurred this week when a man allegedly tried to steal several rib-eye steaks by sitting on them.

The New York Daily News reports the latest meat-caper took place Tuesday at a South Carolina Walmart when a man on a motorized scooter was arrested.

According to a police report, a loss prevention employee at Walmart was walking by the meat department when she observed the 43-year-old man select five rib-eye steaks and place them in the seat of a motorized handicapped scooter.

The employee told officers that the man then sat on the steaks and exited the store “passing all points of sale, without attempting to pay for said merchandise.”

At that time the loss prevention employee confronted the man and escorted him to the loss prevention office.

The man was taken to county jail where he remained under police custody for three hours before he was released without bond.

Man arrested for shoplifting 5 rib eye steaks at Wal-Mart [The New York Daily News]

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