Police: Couple Gets Engaged In Walmart, Allegedly Goes On Shoplifting Spree

After getting engaged, it’s normal to want to celebrate. But one Michigan couple took their celebration in a different direction after their public Walmart proposal: they allegedly went on a small shoplifting jaunt that included pilfering assorted sex toys. 

The couple, who got engaged over the loudspeaker at a local Walmart store, were arrested last week after police say they stole items from both the location of their engagement and a Spencer’s Gifts store inside a nearby mall, MLive reports.

According to police, authorities responded to a complaint from Spencer’s Gifts that a couple had stolen sex toys and other items shortly after 6 p.m. on Dec. 30.

While the pair fled the area before police arrived, the woman was found walking between a Bob Evans and Taco Bell nearby. She denied stealing a necklace and earrings that police found on her.

The man, on the other hand, was found sleeping in the mall’s food court, after apparently falling asleep at the table while tying his shoes, MLive reports.

Police woke the man, and after searching him found a watch, an edible thong, a sex toy, panties, and sex candy from Spencer’s valued at a total of $80.93, according to court records.

The man told authorities that he stole the items for his new fiancé.

From there, MLive reports, deputies went to the Walmart store and employees corroborated the man’s proposal story, showing surveillance footage of the of the event, with the couple hugging and kissing as people applauded.

The footage also showed the man purchasing an engagement ring, and the woman allegedly putting items in her purse. When police confronted the woman, she continued to deny the theft, but later said her fiancé stole the jewelry.

MLive reports that the man copped to the Spencer’s Gift theft, saying he was feeling brash after being given a narcotic-like pain reliever during a recent hospital visit.

A local judge arraigned the man on one count of third-degree retail fraud. The woman posted bond before she could be arraigned.

Couple gets engaged at Walmart, steals sex toys at mall, police say [MLive]

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