Truck Full Of Chicken Collides With Truck Full Of Bees, Creates Honey-Roasted Fireball

Whenever there’s a truck accident that results in food on the highways, we joke about what other kinds of trucks should stop by in order to make a complete meal. We had never anticipated the accident that occurred in California yesterday morning in California: a truck carrying frozen chicken collided with a truck transporting bees, resulting in a giant fireball that cooked the chicken.

No, it didn’t result in a giant mess of honey roasted chicken. You wouldn’t want to eat this chicken, with or without the diesel glaze. The bees escaped from the crash, but were understandably confused. Highway patrol officers reported that they were flying around the crash site. Meanwhile, pieces of cooked chicken were scattered around the site, probably smelling delicious but being decidedly not edible.

Fortunately, neither of the drivers were injured, and no other motorists were hurt either. The truck carrying the chicken was “incinerated” by the fireball, but the good news is that the bees mostly stayed under control: highway patrol officers noted that the wreck produced enough smoke that the bees that escaped from their crates stayed pretty calm. A nearby beekeeper later came by to gather them up.


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