Starbucks Will Roll Out Coconut Milk Everywhere February 17

Last year, we learned that Starbucks was testing coconut milk as a non-dairy alternative other than soy milk.. The test expanded to more states, and now it’s a poorly kept secret that coconut milk will roll out nationwide two weeks from today.

As far as we know so far, the milk will only be available in stores in the United States. We learned about it from the blog Starbucks Melody, which always has the newest, hottest, and milkiest news from Frapland. The milk is in stores right now, available for employees to use for their own beverages, presumably so they can become accustomed to how it blends into different drinks and begin recommending it to customers.

Almond milk is another popular alternative to cow-derived dairy, but Starbucks decided not to carry it because of the prevalence of tree nut allergies in the population.

Coconut milk for your beverage at Starbucks: Beginning February 17th. [Starbucks Melody]

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