Restaurant Bonus Gift Card Promotions Mean Discounted Meals

Sure, gift card bonus deals are meant to induce you to buy even more gift cards, maybe keeping the smaller one for yourself. While giving gift cards can be problematic, In the case of a restaurant or store that you already plan to visit or visit regularly, gift card deals area a great way to take advantage of these promotions.

Yes, it seems obvious, but the key is to watch specifically for these deals. Sometimes the savings can be substantial. Travis Pizel over at Money Ning started to keep track of bonus gift card deals when he came across them, and encountered quite a few in just a month or so of looking. They even included local restaurants, which he found as part of a package deal at Costco where $100 worth of gift cards cost $80, an immediate 20% off discount.

Other deals that he discovered were mostly at national chain restaurants, like Outback Steakhouse (an extra $20 gift card if you buy a $100 card) or the same promotion at Red Lobster. One tricky transaction is at Buffalo Wild Wings, where there’s a time limit on the second gift card: you can’t use both in the same transaction.

You’re saving exactly zero dollars, of course, if you buy gift cards that you’ll never use, or that force you to go somewhere you don’t like.

How to Save Money at Restaurants by Buying Gift Cards [MoneyNing] (via Lifehacker)

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