Nike: Marty McFly’s Air MAG Sneakers With Power Laces Will Arrive In 2015

It’s haaaaappening, it’s finally haaaaaappening! After teasing fans of Back to the Future II first with a limited run of replica Air MAGs that it auctioned off for charity, followed by an apparently licensed pair that lit up but didn’t lace up automatically or hover, Nike has confirmed that it’ll be releasing Marty McFly’s Air MAG sneakers with Power Laces sometime this year.

Yes, they’re going to lace up, said Nike’s Vice President for Design and Special Projects and the designer of the original shoes in the movie, Tinker Hatfield during the Agenda Trade Show in Long Beach, CA this week, according to shoe blog Nice Kicks.

The people wanted to know, and Hatfield was willing to talk, saying that his team is working as hard as possible to bring the shoes to the market this year. However, he pointed out, we still have “11 and two-thirds months left in 2015.”

That means there’s no set date, but who’s willing to bet on Oct. 21, 2015? It is, after all, the date Marty travels in time to in the movie to save his progeny from ruination. Just saying, convenient timing.

You can also check out the patent for the Power Laces via Nice Kicks as well.


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