McDonald’s Japan Serves Up Food Containing Plastic Shards, Human Teeth

Image courtesy of (Paxton Holley)

Here in the United States, McDonald’s is busy assuring us that their chicken nuggets are definitely made out of chicken. Over in Japan, the company has a different challenge: assuring the public that their food does not contain pieces of vinyl or human teeth. That’s in addition to the ongoing fry shortage due to a potato shortage in Japan.

The culinary misadventures in Japan began in the summer of 2014, when the company’s chicken supplier in China was accused of re-packaging expired meat with fresh new expiration dates on the packages. Now they’re importing chicken from Brazil after a customer found a piece of vinyl inside a nugget from their new supplier in Thailand. McDonald’s still hasn’t found the source of that plastic nugget, but this isn’t the first time customers have found strange objects in their food in recent months: one person found a human tooth in their fries back in August. A child was injured by a piece of plastic found in an ice cream sundae last month.

All this is not helping McDonald’s Japan with its falling sales, as customers in the home of 7-Eleven have been more interested in going to convenience stores for their snacks and coffee.

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