Happy Apples Recalls More Candy Apples Sold Under Kroger Name

043597-HA 3.5oz crml nuts Fr PRFIf you hadn’t already heard the news that you should stay away from pre-packaged candy apples due to the risk that they might be contaminated with Listeria bacteria, and you’ve been hoarding some in your pantry past peak caramel apple season in the fall, well, it’s time to check your pantry. Kroger-brand caramel apples have been named in the big, sticky nationwide recall.

The Kroger recall is part of the Happy Apples recall that was previously announced at the end of December. They came in single and three-packs and had a “best before” date between September 15th and November 18th 2014, but someone could still theoretically have them hidden in a cabinet.

As of December 31, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention know of 32 cases of listeriosis caused by the apples, leading to 31 hospitalizations, and six deaths. There are most likely many more customers who became ill but were not sick enough to be hospitalized or to visit their doctor. In those cases, public health officials don’t collect samples to confirm that someone’s illness is definitely linked to the wider outbreak.

Customers with any questions can contact the company at 636-584-6001 or e-mail customercare@happyapples.com. Return any remaining apples to a Kroger store or dispose of it.

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