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Kroger Gets Rid Of Unrefrigerated Caramel Apples On Sticks Just To Be Sure

Is it possible that the caramel apples sitting on store shelves right now have been contaminated with bacteria, made worse because the fruits are impaled on sticks and coated with candy? The many grocery brands owned by Kroger aren’t taking any chances, and announced that they’re getting rid of all unrefrigerated caramel apples. [More]

Maybe Stay Away From Caramel Apples At Room Temperature This Fall

Maybe Stay Away From Caramel Apples At Room Temperature This Fall

Late last year, an outbreak of Listeriosis traced to caramel apples killed seven people and caused one miscarriage, and hospitalized dozens of people. These treats are most popular during the fall, which is Halloween season and apple-harvesting season, which is why consumers might be understandably worried that it could happen again this year. Microbiologists have found one possible cause of the contamination: sticks. [More]

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Report: Apples, Not Caramel Deemed Responsible For December Listeriosis Outbreak

A December outbreak of listeriosis linked to several kinds of prepackaged caramel apples may be over, but regulators say they now know it was the apple, not the caramel that led to the death of seven people and the sickening of 35 others. [More]

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Couple Sues Caramel Apple Company, Supplier And Walmart Following Woman’s Listeria-Linked Illness

Less than a month after a California family filed a lawsuit against Safeway for selling caramel covered apples linked to an outbreak of listeria, a second California couple has filed a similar suit against one of the candy apple makers, Walmart and the producer where the apples came from. [More]

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California Apple Plant Issues Recall After Tests Find Link To Deadly Listeria Contamination

Federal investigators have confirmed a connection between a California apple processing plant and a strain of listeria bacteria responsible for killing seven people and sickening more than 30 others, prompting the producer to recall an undetermined number of Gala and Granny Smith Apples from retailers. [More]

Happy Apples Recalls More Candy Apples Sold Under Kroger Name

Happy Apples Recalls More Candy Apples Sold Under Kroger Name

If you hadn’t already heard the news that you should stay away from pre-packaged candy apples due to the risk that they might be contaminated with Listeria bacteria, and you’ve been hoarding some in your pantry past peak caramel apple season in the fall, well, it’s time to check your pantry. Kroger-brand caramel apples have been named in the big, sticky nationwide recall. [More]


Third Candy Apple Maker Recalls Treats For Possible Listeria Contamination

Earlier this month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned consumers to avoid some caramel apples after at least 30 people in 10 states have been infected with Listeriosis due to Listeria monocytogenes. This week a third candy maker is recalling caramel apples, the government said, out of concern that its apples may be tainted with Listeria as well. [More]


Family Sues Safeway After Mother’s Death Linked To Listeria-Contaminated Caramel Apple Sold At Store

Last week officials with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned consumers to avoid eating prepackaged caramel apples left over from the fall following reports that 29 people fell ill and three died after consuming the sweet treats that may be contaminated with the potentially deadly bacteria listeria. Now, a California family has filed a lawsuit against Safeway claiming their mother died after eating the desserts purchased from the store. [More]

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CDC: Listeria Contaminated Pre-Packaged Caramel Apples Linked to Four Deaths, 28 Illnesses

The holidays are full of sweet treats and fresh-baked goods. But if your snacking plans included finishing off those prepackaged caramel apples from fall, you better come up with different plans. That’s because federal officials say the desserts may be the source of a multi-state listeria outbreak that has been linked to at least five deaths. [More]