Salad Kits And Snack Packs Recalled For Potential Listeria Contamination

When you opt to eat a salad or some precut fruits and vegetables for a snack, you’re usually making a healthier decision. But some salad and snack kits, most of which were sold at Kroger-owned stores, have been recalled for potential contamination with Listeria, a foodborne pathogen that can have life-threatening complications.

Affected products came from CC Kitchens in Ohio, and have been flagged for recall because regular testing turned up Listeria in the plant. The bacteria was “environmental,” and there have been no reported contaminated products or people who became sick yet.

What should you look for? Here’s the full list of salads from CC Kitchens, and pictures of their labels.

Name of Product Unit Size Sell by Dates UPC
Chef Salad 12.6oz (357g) 6/5/2017 through 6/10/2017 815108020337
Chicken Bacon Cobb Salad 13.1oz (371g) 6/5/2017 through 6/10/2017 815108020351
Chef Side Salad 9.4oz (266g) 6/5/2017 through 6/10/2017 815108021488
Garden Salad 11oz (312g) 6/5/2017 through 6/10/2017 815108020092
Chicken Bacon Cobb Side Salad 9.65oz (274g) 6/5/2017 through 6/10/2017 815108021495
Fiesta Slaw 10oz (283g) 6/7/2017 through 6/11/2017 815108020627
Trail Slaw Kit 40oz (1133g) 6/7/2017 through 6/11/2017 815108025431
Asian Quinoa salad Kit 80oz (2268g) 6/7/2017 through 6/11/2017 815108021556
Beef Ponzu Kit 40oz (1133g) 6/7/2017 & 6/8/2017 815108025417
SouthWest Turkey Salad Kit 40oz (1133g) 6/8/2017 & 6/10/2017 081510802278

The salads were sold only in Ohio, Michigan, and West Virginia.

Did you have a veggie-based snack kit instead? Check over this list of $1.99 trays, which were sold under the Fresh Selections by Kroger and Club Chef brand names.

Name of Product Brand Name Unit Size Use By Dates UPC Lot Codes
Veggie Tray with Apples Fresh Selections by Kroger 6.25 oz (177g) 06/11/2017 & 06/12/2017 1111091544 7150KT8
Fruit Tray with Carrots Fresh Selections by Kroger 7 oz (198g) 06/11/2017 & 06/12/2017 1111091451 7150KT5, 7151KT3
Veggie Tray with Pretzels Fresh Selections by Kroger 5.75 oz (163g) 06/11/2017 & 06/12/2017 1111091477 7150KT6, 7150KT8
Veggie Tray with Snap Peas Fresh Selections by Kroger 6 oz (170g) 06/11/2017 & 06/12/2017 1111091484 7150KT7, 7150KT8
Veggie Tray with Ranch Dip Fresh Selections by Kroger 6.75 oz (191g) 06/11/2017 & 06/12/2017 1111091472 7151KT3, 7150KT6
Snack Tray with Almonds & Apples Fresh Selections by Kroger 5.75 oz (163g) 06/11/2017 & 06/12/2017 1111091481 7150KT5, 7150KT7
Snack Tray with Baby Carrots, Sliced Apples, Raw Almonds, and Cheddar Bar Club Chef LLC 5.75 oz (163g) 06/11/2017 & 06/12/2017 0 1727800703 7 7150KT6
Snack Tray with Peanut Butter (Celery Sticks, Sliced Apples, Peanut Butter and Raisins) Club Chef LLC 5.5 oz (155g) 06/11/2017 & 06/12/2017 0 17278 00704 4 715KT6
Snack Tray with Sliced Apples, Almonds, Raisins and Caramel Dip Club Chef LLC 4 oz (113g) 06/11/2017 & 06/12/2017 0 1727800701 3 715KT6
Veggie Tray with Carrots, Celery, Broccoli Florets and Ranch Dip Club Chef LLC 6.75 oz (191g) 06/11/2017 & 06/12/2017 0 1727800702 0 715KT6

This is what’s considered a proactive recall, since the company is recalling uneaten products before finding out whether any products were actually contaminated, If you find that you have any of these products and haven’t eaten them yet, the company asks customers to throw the snack or salad kits out if they haven’t eaten them yet.

If you have any questions or concerns, call the company at 866-458-3188. If you’d prefer a refund, the Kroger stores will probably take recalled items back as well.

Symptoms of Listeriosis infection include high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. It is especially dangerous for pregnant women, children, the elderly, and anyone with a compromised immune system.

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